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Wire EDM Machining Services in China

Looking for wire EDM machining for your prototype or low-volume order which is expensive or impossible for CNC milling or  CNC turning? We have a dedicated wire EDM machining workshop and a spark drilling machine in-house for you. With Sodick brand wire EDM machines such as ALN400Qs and AQ535L as well as other Japan-imported CNC milling and CNC turning machines under the same roof, we can provide you with exceptional wire EDM and CNC machining services at competitive prices.

  • Axis stroke X × Y × Z (mm): 400 x 300 x 250
  • Max. workpiece dimensions W x D x H (mm): 600 x 470 x 240
  • Max. weight of workpiece(kg): 500 Kg

Electrical Discharge Machining was pioneered by the Soviet researchers Mr. and Mrs. Lazarenko when they were studying the phenomenon and causes of corrosion and damage to switch contacts generated by the spark of electrical discharge in 1941. The Lazarenkos discovered that the instant high temperature of electrical discharge sparks could locally melt and oxidize the metal, leading to its corrosion. This discovery led to the creation and invention of electrical discharge machining methods. The Lazarenkos is often credited with building one of the earliest EDM machines.

Wire EDM(Electrical Discharge Machining) machining or cutting is a specialized machining process for cutting conductive materials – especially carbide alloy or hardened material(heat-treated steel) to high-precision and intricate shapes utilizing electrically charged thin wire through the workpiece.  There are three types of wire material in light of the cutting speed. Molybdenum wire is used for high-speed and moderate-speed wire cutting, while low-speed wire cutting requires brass wire. The molybdenum wire can be reused while the brass wire can’t. The wire diameter ranges from 0.005mm to 0.3mm as per specific application. The low-speed wire EDM has been widely used in the precision die & mold-making industry because of its high accuracy and high-quality surface finish.

Wire EDM Manufactured Precision Fixture by CNC Machining China Factory

Workable material: to ensure the best machining result, wire EDM process requires electrically conductive materials such as Carbide alloy, Carbon steel, Tool steel, High-speed steel, Alloy steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium alloy, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, copper, etc. Common metal grades including Ti-6Al-4V(TC4), AL7075, AL2014, AL2017A, AL2024, AL5052, AL6060, AL6061, AL6063, AL6082, SUS201, SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, 316L, 17-4PH, AISI 1010, AISI 1020, AISI 1045, AISI 4140, AISI 4340, LY12, 65Mn, Cr12, 40CrMo, ST12.03, SS2331, AISI12L14, Y15, Q235, Q275 and more.

Yes, we are an OEM manufacturer of precision CNC machined parts with a dedicated modern precision machining factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Our factory covers an area of 73,195 sqft (6800 sqm) and hires over 100 employees.

Yes. We are ISO 14001-certified CNC precision machining factory in China.

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