Surface Treatment

Different color anodized aluminum CNC machined parts by CNC Machining China Factory

Surface Treatment for CNC Machined Parts

We can handle finishing for you when the CNC machining process is completed. Available surface treatments include Anodising, Hard Anodizing, High-quality UV-proof anodizing, Black oxidation, Chemical Plating, Electroplating, Zinc plating, Silver plating, Gold plating, Nickel plating, Spraying, Painting, Teflon coating, Powder coating, etc.

Gold silver plated CNC machined luxury smart phone parts CNC Machining China Factory

People often say nothing lasts forever. But a product can last longer enough with proper finishing. The natural oxidation and aging process are the enemy of most metal and plastic parts without protective coatings. Surface treatment is usually necessary for components used in outdoors or other harsh environments. The appropriate surface treatment can not only improve the aesthetic of a product thus promoting the sale of the product and increasing the value of the brand, but also enhance the service life of the product. For example, some aluminum machined parts with high-quality anodizing can be used in outdoor environments for over 15 years.
With the development of global industrialization, global energy, resource, and environmental issues are becoming increasingly prominent. Durable products mean a lot to the sustainable development of our society. It will significantly reduce the use of energy, water, and labor.

Yes, we are an OEM manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of precision CNC machined parts with a dedicated modern precision machining factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Our factory covers an area of 73,195 sqft (6800 sqm) and hires over 100 employees.

Yes. We are ISO 14001-certified CNC precision machining factory in China.

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