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Custom CNC Milling Services in China

Looking for a CNC milling services factory in China? Our modern CNC milling workshop houses state-of-the-art compact and environmental-friendly CNC machining centers for your custom CNC milling projects. We have been engaged in precision CNC milling since 2005 when we started our business as a small CNC machine shop for prototype and low-volume custom metal & plastic parts manufacturing.

CNC milling is the common operation of CNC machining in modern manufacturing. CNC(Computer Numerical Control) machining is a modern, precision, efficient and subtractive manufacturing process that utilizes computerized machine tools combined with CAD(Computer Aided Design) and CAM(Computer Aided Manufacturing) to remove extra materials from a workpiece in different directions to a designed shape with consistent accuracy and surface finish. CNC milling refers to the computer numerically controlled milling process through a CNC machining center(Also known as a CNC mill) or CNC multi-tasking machining center which combines the CNC milling and CNC turning in just one machine. Most machinable metals and plastics can be done by the CNC milling process. The finished parts are called CNC milling parts or CNC milled parts.

CNC milling services belong to machine shop services or machining services provided by a CNC machine shop or machining factory. There are several types of CNC milling in light of the approaching directions of the CNC tool to the workpiece.

3-Axis CNC milling refers to the cutting tool of a 3-axis CNC machine that moves in 3 linear axes(X, Y, Z ) to approach the workpiece during the milling process.

4-axis milling is conducted on a 4-axis controlled machine tool. 4-Axis consists of 3 linear axes(X, Y, Z ) and 1 rotational axis(A). The cutting tool moves in 3 linear axes(X, Y, Z )  to approach the workpiece during the milling process, the workpiece can not only rotate to the specific orientation for CNC milling around the A axis but also rotates simultaneously during the milling process.

5-axis CNC milling is performed on a 5-axis controlled machine tool. 5-axis consists of 3 linear axes(X, Y, Z )  and 2 rotational axes(A and C).  There are three types of 5-axis CNC milling. 3+2, 4+1, and true 5-axis(Known as simultaneous 5-axis).  Both 3+2 and 4+1 have 5 controlled axes, while the rotational axes usually are fixed during the milling process. The cutting tool can machine 5 sides of the workpiece with a single setup, they are also called 5-sided or 5-positional milling. 3+2 and 4+1 are still cost-effective and efficient options for manufacturing high-precision and complex parts without continual curved surfaces.

Simultaneous 5-Axis CNC milling is the optimal choice for manufacturing high-precision and complex curved components for the aerospace, defense, military, medical, robotics, and other demanding industries as the 3 linear axes (X, Y, and Z) and 2 rotational axes (A and C) of the machine tool all engaged at the same time to perform complex milling on parts.

Coordinate Measuring Machine for 5-axis CNC milled aluminum part at CNC Machining China Factory

The materials for CNC Milling include metals and plastics. Such as Titanium alloy, Aluminum, Carbon steel, Tool steel, Alloy steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel Alloy, Brass, Bronze, copper and ABS, Acrylic, Bakelite, POM, PC, PEEK, Nylon, Teflon, and more. Common metal grades including Ti-6Al-4V(TC4), AL7075, AL2014, AL2017A, AL2024, AL5052, AL6060, AL6061, AL6063, AL6082, SUS201, SUS303, SUS304, SUS316, 316L, 17-4PH, AISI 1010, AISI 1020, AISI 1045, AISI 4140, AISI 4340, LY12, 65Mn, Cr12, 40CrMo, ST12.03, SS2331, AISI12L14, Y15, Q235, Q275 and more.

Precision CNC Milled Parts by CNC Machining China Factory

Yes, we are an OEM manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of precision CNC machined parts with a dedicated modern precision machining factory in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Our factory covers an area of 73,195 sqft (6800 sqm) and hires over 100 employees.

Yes. We are ISO 14001-certified CNC precision machining factory in China.

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