Precision Parts Processing: Key Methods for Ensuring Accuracy

18 August 23

To realize the production of superior quality, precision parts processing necessitates the integration of cutting-edge manufacturing and testing equipment. At present, five-axis CNC machining is at the forefront. Within the realm of precision parts processing, the pursuit of heightened precision and the creation of top-notch manufactured goods warrant thorough research, development, and innovation within Chinese CNC machining facilities. The precision of precision parts’ machining accuracy is predominantly manifested in three dimensions: dimensional accuracy, geometric shape accuracy, and mutual positional accuracy. Geometric shape accuracy encompasses parameters like roundness, straightness, and flatness, while mutual positional accuracy involves attributes such as parallelism, perpendicularity, and concentricity.

Due to the diverse nature of processing materials, the unique physical and mechanical properties of precision parts often necessitate grinding methods. With the advancement of CNC machining technology, parts can now undergo an array of processes. In the domain of high-precision precision parts processing, both domestic and international contexts yield the following principal methods:

Abrasive Processing: Involving techniques like grinding processing, polishing processing, abrasive belt processing, drum processing, ultrasonic processing, shot peening processing, and viscoelastic flow processing.
Plastic Processing: Encompassing diamond plastic processing and diamond plastic grinding.
Chemical Processing: Encompassing etching, chemical grinding, and chemical polishing.
Electrical Processing: Encompassing EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), electron beam processing, ion beam processing, and plasma processing.
Composite Processing: Encompassing lithography processing, ELID (Electrolytic In-Process Dressing) grinding, and ultrasonic EDM.
CNC Machining China is steadfastly dedicated to research and development as well as the production of high-precision parts processing. With mature technology and extensive experience in processing diverse materials, we have facilitated the manufacturing of high-precision parts for numerous enterprises. Our track record boasts the recognition of customers and a distinguished reputation within the market, attributed to our unwavering commitment to high precision and consistent quality.

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