CNC Precision Machining in China – Your Dedicated Manufacturing Partner

10 September 23

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining is a modern manufacturing process powered by computer numerical controlled machine tools, meticulously sculpting raw materials into precisely designed components.

CNC Machining China Factory: Your Trusted Partner Since 2005
CNC Machining China Factory has engaged in CNC precision machinin since 2005. Our unwavering commitment is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. As a professional CNC precision machining factory nestled in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, our facility spans 73,195 square feet (6,800 square meters) and has a team of over 100 dedicated employees. Remarkably, 80% of our workforce comprises skilled technicians, setting the stage for precision excellence.

Your One-Stop Destination for CNC Precision Machining
Our in-house CNC precision machining capabilities cover an extensive spectrum, including CNC milling, CNC turning, Swiss-type CNC turning, CNC grinding, and wire EDM machining. Bolstering our capabilities, we house an impressive array of CNC manufacturing equipment, including 80 sets of state-of-the-art 3-5 CNC machining centers, 5-axis Milling-Turning Centers, simultaneous 5-axis machining Centers, CNC turning centers, Swiss-type CNC lathes, CNC grinding machines, and Wire EDM machines. Quality is paramount, as demonstrated by our 20 sets of cutting-edge quality assurance equipment, featuring CMMs, optical CMMs, X-ray fluorescence Analyzers, height gauges, hardness testers, and more.

Serving Diverse Industries with Precision Excellence
We specialize in CNC precision machining to craft high-quality custom precision metal and plastic mechanical components. Our expertise spans various industries, including automotive, aerospace, automation, medical, robotics, machinery, and beyond. Regardless of your sector, our commitment to precision and quality ensures that your CNC precision machining needs are met and exceeded.

Your Vision, Our Expertise: Elevate Your Competitive Edge
At CNC Machining China Factory, we bring together state-of-the-art CNC machining and quality assurance equipment, bolstered by an industry-leading MES (Manufacturing Execution System). Our full-fledged CNC manufacturing processes, including CNC rough machining, 3-axis to 5-axis CNC milling, simultaneous 5-axis machining, 5-axis multi-tasking milling-turning, precision CNC turning, Swiss-type CNC turning, wire EDM machining, and CNC grinding, are executed by a dedicated team of experts with years of CNC precision machining experience. Together, we aim to help you reduce total CNC machining costs while enhancing your competitive edge.

Choose Excellence – Choose Us for CNC Precision Machining
For one-stop, high-quality, high-precision CNC machining services at competitive prices and rapid turnaround times, you can rely on us. We extend a warm invitation for you to visit our factory, with transportation arrangements made for your convenience.

At CNC Machining China Factory, your success is our mission. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey of precision, innovation, and excellence as your dedicated CNC precision machining partner.

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